The One Health Academy promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among health professionals, industry, and policy makers by promoting public health, as well as environmental, food, agricultural, and economic protection.

Our monthly events serve to unite:

  • Federal governmental departments
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private industry leaders

to promote collaboration through networking, discussion following educational presentations, and informal mentoring.

One Health Academy meetings are dinner meetings held at the Capital Yacht Club located at 1000 Water Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20024 the 2nd Thursday of every month from January to June with dinner starting at 6:30PM and the featured talk beginning between 7:15 and 7:30PM.


Next Meeting May 8th, 2014: Dr. Carol Meteyer on

The First Pharmaceutical Drug to Threaten a Species, an Ecosystem and the Cultural Traditions of a Continent: Diclofenac in Gyps Vultures

Dr. Carol Meteyer is currently Deputy Program Coordinator for Environmental Health - Contaminant Biology at USGS. Before this, she was a wildlife pathologist at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center for 21 years. She was on the faculty of U.C. Davis College of Veterinary Medicine, completed both a residency in comparative pathology at the University of Southern California and Los Angeles County Veterinary Medical Laboratories where she was pathologist for the Fresno Zoological Society, Marineland of The Pacific, and provided pathology support for equine mortality at the Southern California race tracks. Dr. Meteyer completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery in Los Angeles after receiving her BS in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Iowa, teaching high school science, and receiving her DVM at Iowa State University.


Dr. Meteyer has conducted extensive investigations relating to emerging diseases in vertebrate and invertebrate wildlife, and has been part of both national and international teams. Dr. Meteyer was the lead pathologist on the team that determined the cause and potential physiological effects of White-Nose Syndrome in bats and defined the pathology and proposed pathophysiology of the pharmaceutical drug, diclofenac, which caused 95% population decline in Gyps vultures in the Indian Subcontinent. Her research has included causes of amphibian malformations, the pathology of monkeypox in lab animals and US rodents, discovery and description of disease associated with novel reovirus and circoviruses, and a jump in species for infection of Buggy Creek virus; a virus related to Chickungunya virus. She has defined diseases in marine mammals, numerous avian species, reptile and amphibian species, industrial and backyard poultry, pet animals, zoological collections, and the pathogenesis of diseases in novel species such as plague in prairie dogs, pathology of Asian HPAI H5N1 in North American raptors and shore birds, effects of anticoagulant rodenticides in raptors, legacy organochlorines as initiators of large scale waterbird mortality events in the US, and the effects of diclofenac on New World vultures. Invertebrate studies have included defining pathology associated with diseases in coral and the ecology of Atta cephalotes (leaf-cutter ant) employed as a research associate in the Guanacaste National Forest, Costa Rica.

There is a 50 person limit to the meeting so we suggest you register early. The cost of the evening is $20 per person ($10 for students with ID) it includes dinner, discussion with colleagues, and networking.

Please R.S.V.P. by e-mailing onehealthacademy@gmail.com with your name and the names of any guests attending. We are accepting replies on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have any questions about this event or future events you can contact us at onehealthacademy@gmail.com 

CALL FOR SPEAKERS: One Health Academy is filling up our Speakers roster for this year's meetings. If you know of someone who has something to speak about that could be of interest to our group please let us know. You can contact Annamaria Castiglia at amczindc@aol.com.

POST IT: Members if you have something you would like to share with our members or request of One Health Academy please send it to Annamaria Castiglia at amczindc@aol.com and we will POST IT to our website.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR OHA: If you are interested in helping in the organizing of our meetings, please contact Tim Stephens at Tstephens@rescobie.com.

GRANT WRITER VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR OHA: If you have the "know how"on how to write a grant and time to give, please contact Tom McGinn at tom.mcginn@dhs.gov.

NEW WEBMASTER: Will Sander, DVM, MPH has agreed to help in keeping the website, e-mail list, and meeting announcements current. Will is a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow hosted by U.S. EPA with broader interests in developing country health and wildlife conservation. Feel free to use onehealthacademy@gmail.com for any problems/concerns/suggestions.




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